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Handcrafted Intimate Floral Design

Wedding Flowers

Adding carefully curated Floral Design pieces to your Wedding Ceremony and Reception is a subtle yet effective way to enhance the romance and elegance of your wedding day
- whilst creating a sophisticated, feminine and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

The Flowers in Her Hair floral designers focus on creating beautiful bouquets and arrangements for small and intimate weddings. Our designs feature the best of what the season has to offer, relying heavily on roses and other seasonal blooms.
We also love incorporating Australian wildflowers and Natives into our designs.

Our emphasis is on ensuring we provide our couples with a personalised, high quality and relaxing experience, so that they can focus on the most important component on their wedding day, each other.  
To ensure we are able to maintain the level of detail required for our Floral Designs, we will only take on a very limited number of weddings every year.

The Bridal Bouquet

An abundant bridal bouquet featuring the most stunning blooms the season has to offer. Select your colour palette and I will craft a bespoke design for you.


Bridesmaid Bouquet

A smaller version of the Bridal bouquet, created in your chosen colour palette. Generally this bouquet does not include as many feature flowers as the bridal bouquet, and has more foliage.


Floral Crown

A full flower crown halo for the Bride or Bridesmaids or both! Or settle for a half crown which is ideal for a bridal hair worn loosely.

Full crown- $150

Half Crown- $80

Hair Flowers

A small collection of individually wired flowers for pinning in hair. This is generally something your hair dresser will put in for you.

From - $40


Little floral lapel accents for the gentleman. Also known as the boutonniere and is also a popular option for 'important' guests such as significant family members. 



Flower wristlets for the ladies created in your selected colour palette. These can be made on wire or ribbon dependant on preference. 


Abour Piece

Floral feature to attach to your own sourced archway/arbour, which is generally around 60cm in length. This is a feature piece that can be used later as a table arrangement at the reception!


Cake Flowers

A small collection of wired blooms to decorate your cake or Donuts or Cheese wheel! In your chosen colour palette.



A brown paper bag of rose petals to decorate the aisle, toss after the ceremony or to decorate a table.


Guest Table Arrangements

Small centre-piece for your guest tables, in your selected colour palette. Arrangement will feature the best blooms of the season and are made for a small vase sourced by you or hired for a small fee, arrangements are yours to keep or given to your guests. We suggest 1 arrangement per 6-8 guests.From- $60

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